Declaration Form for Absynia Journal of Science and Technology


Abyssinia Journal of Science and Technology (AJST) & Abyssinia Journal of Business and Social Sciences (AJBS) are committed to prompt evaluation and publication of fully accepted papers. To advocate high quality publication, all submissions undergo a rigorous review process through double blind peer-review procedure. Reviewers of these journals play a vital role in maintaining the high standards of the AJST & AJBS and peer review procedure outlined below.

Initial review

All manuscript submissions are subjected for initial review to verify the completeness and adherence to the Guidelines for Authors. After satisfactory report of initial review, the manuscripts are transferred to the Editor in chief for the peer review process. Manuscript rejection at the initial evaluation stage will normally be informed to authors within 1 week of receipt.

Editor-in-chief evaluation

The Editor in chief decides whether the manuscript warrants peer-review or if it should be rejected without review. A manuscript is rejected if it is insufficiently original, has serious flaws from a conceptual and/or methodological point of view, has poor grammar or usage of English language, or is outside the aims and scope of the journal. The corresponding author receives information normally within 2 weeks of assignment to the Editor in chief if the manuscript is rejected at this stage.

Peer-review process

The AJST & AJBS employs a double-blind peer-review, where both the reviewer and the author remain anonymous throughout the process. Reviewers are selected according to their expertise and our reviewer database is constantly being updated.

Reviewers are asked to evaluate a manuscript for:

  • Originality and significance of contribution
  • Interest to investigators
  • International relevance
  • Coverage of appropriate existing as well as recent literature
  • Adequacy of methodology, analysis and interpretation
  • Clear, concise and jargon-free writing style
  • Organization of the manuscript

Reviewers' comments are considered as anonymous comments to the author and also provision is made available to reviewers for providing confidential comments to the editor. Reviewers are not expected to correct or copy edit manuscripts. Language correction (if any) are carried out by authorized language experts. Authorized language experts are also responsible for translating the abstract from English into Amheric (Ethiopian working language). Generally, the manuscript review process takes four weeks. Another four weeks are required in case of contradictory review reports.